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Hire the best service providers is a platform that is dedicated to providing adequate services to individuals, households and companies within Singapore. We create an avenue for both service seekers and service providers to meet and do business, with the end result being that everyone leaves happy; the service seekers get satisfactory and top quality services while service providers get paid in full.   

Who We Are


We are currently the most revolutionary and fastest-growing local service platform in Singapore and we believe that this is an excellent avenue for both new and firmly established businesses and service providers to further develop their clientele and for customers who are looking for trusted and efficient services to adequately find whatever it is that they are looking for.

We are committed to providing top of the lie services in a plethora of categories and service aspects, ranging from air conditioning and wiring to home and office renovation and refurbishment.

We are looking to orchestrating a revolutionary and innovative way to offer and deliver services within the borders of Singapore. With our strong logistic approach and networking facilities, we are able to source for service providers in different states, cities and regions within the country and we are sure that we’ll be able to meet your service needs.

Over the years, we have noticed a trend in which thousands of people look for easy and seemingly meager services to fulfill their everyday needs; tutors for their children, home appliance repairs, etc. As much as these service seem like things that shouldn’t take time to be provide, social and economic factors sometimes mean that these services will elude those seeking them for quite some time. This is where we can bridge the gap. With excellent connecting infrastructure, we have been able to build a database where we keep excellent, professional, seasoned and highly trained service providers who are always at the ready to administer their expertise and deliver state of the art services.

From there, lasting business relationships could be built and these services will be provided over a long time span.

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