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At, we are able connect you with qualified and professional technicians who are capable of providing repairs to your home appliances, with a main emphasis on television sets, washing machines and refrigerators.

We know the importance of appliances in the home and the frustration that could set in when an appliance begins to malfunction or stops its functioning totally. While the general consensus is favored to simply throwing a faulty appliance away and getting a new one, we can get you technicians who will take cursory examinations of these appliances and provide solutions to any problems that may be facing them. Our technicians are highly skilled and if they can’t fix your fault appliance, then you are justified in getting a new one.

If you’re not interested in displacing your faulty appliance just yet, we can help you in repairing it and getting it back in perfect working condition. We can also help you get in touch with technicians who are close to your location, thereby allowing you to leave your appliances there for a full repair and maintenance service (in case you’re not comfortable with letting a stranger into your home). Our technicians offer services which cover a wide range of applications, from servicing and maintenance to parts and component repairs.

Our technicians are guaranteed to provide you with quality repair and servicing and we’re sure to provide you with these services whenever you need it, irrespective of the location of your home or office. Prices are cost effective and won’t be a strain in your pocket at all.

Don’t throw away that faulty appliance just yet. Contact us today and let’s see if we can help you fix it.

Door Repair & Maintenance

Not many people know this, but we are actually required by law to have our doors repaired biennially (every other year). The law was enacted a long time ago but has seen gradual decline in popularity. It ensures that your doors are of the highest quality every point in time and gives an extra and added layer of security for you, your family members and your property. Your repair and maintenance should ideally be carried out by experienced and qualified door engineers and technicians.

At, we can ensure the integrity and veracity of your doors by connecting you with competent door engineers and technicians who will be sure to check your doors for any defects and make adequate repairs to them. Make sure that your life and property are constantly safe by ensuring the strength and capacity of your doors with us.

Door maintenance is highly essential for homes and offices and we are capable of providing you with this service by getting you in touch with effective professionals who are able to ensure just that.

Our technicians are capable of offering repairs to commercial, industrial and residential doors, with a full understanding of the peculiarities, specific defects that can affect each type of doors and the right antidotes and repairs for them. In the case of industrial doors, our technicians will make sure that:

  • They comply fully with legal rules and requirements
  • The lifespan of the doors are expanded and prolonged
  • Your doors are being operated in a hazard-free way
  • You get more value for your money
  • You save money by not getting new doors

Phone & Computer Repairs (Home Services)

Mobile phones and personal computers are ubiquitous today. They exist today as a result of the way the world has accepted and is now revolving around mobile technology. Mobile phones and personal computers are a normal fixture in the home and a lot of homes won’t function (nor feel complete) without one. However, these devices could be damaged or compromised over time dut to a number of reasons, some of them being

  • Excessive use
  • Wear and tear
  • Virus attack
  • Outdated software, etc

At, we can get you technicians who will provide active and highly effective solutions to any problems facing your communication and computing devices. Whether its part maintenance or software malfunctions, you can be sure that our technicians will be able to diagnose the issues facing your phone and computer and proffer solutions.

Whatever the devices is, you can rest assured that our technicians are more than capable of making adequate repairs and returning them to their top functionality states. Our mobile repair services cover the following, and more:

Remote Support: We can offer remote assistance that is capable of solving any PC related issues

Hardware Repair: Any physical component of your computer system that is faulty can be repaired; screens, keyboards, calibrators, jacks, etc etc

Software Repairs: Our technicians can also make repairs to the internal parts of a phone and computer system; operating systems, Bluetooth components, motherboards, etc

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