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Over the years, many avenues to get part time maids and home assistive services have evolved and sprang up from seemingly nowhere. Most of them involve illegal child trafficking methods which are nefarious and which run the active risk of litigation and serious legal prosecution if discovered. However, If you’re looking t get an efficient maid who is trustworthy and full of the highest levels of integrity, we at can definitely assist you. There are many untold risks associated with hiring a maid that is “less than ideal”. The aspects of your life that could potentially be affected are unending and this wrong step could have catastrophic effects on your entire life. If you’re looking for someone who you can entrust with everything you own (or at least a large percentage of it), you need to hire from only the very best. This is where we can step in.


At, we understand the importance of choosing the right maid and the risks associated with choosing a maid that is less than ideal. It is because of this understanding the we have made sure that before we offer a maid for recommendation and service to any of our clients we thoroughly scrutinize them and give them rounds of drilling and fitness tests. We send only the maids who we believe are the very best in capability and moral standard, aw we understand that a maid who performs less than excellently will also reflect on us and give our agency a bad reputation. We’ll make sure that our maids are efficient, hardworking and up to the task and are capable of maintaining lasting and positive relationships with their employers and co-workers (if there will be any). You’ll find that our maids are of the very best quality and moral standards at the same time.

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